We all have moments in our lives, personal or professional, that change us. That force us to evolve, and wake us to a reality where what we do makes a difference. Pensare’s focus began not in a single moment, but over a number of critical moments, over years of experience. In raising children in a public education system, followed by a higher education system. Systems that believe in┬áproviding 20th century tools and approaches to 21st century students to support 19th century ideas about learning. In the loss of a beloved┬áparent due to a discoverable and avoidable heart condition. In the frustration of knowing that there is so much more that can be done to improve health. To envision and build new ways to provide context, clarity, communication and collaboration within health and education, through technology. Pensare, means “to think” in Italian. It means challenging accepted and vestigial approaches to some of the most critical components of our lives as humans. How we learn. How we interact. Our quality of life. Pensare is dedicated to co-creating future states of human lives.